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When it comes to spam mining press releases, who do you believe?... brokers, or claim holders looking to bet their whole future on the property of a lifetime? Everything listed here, we feel, has 17 years experience of supply side validation. But it is up to you to make the contact to do your own due diligence as we are not brokers. Just very aware of the business of realistic mining opportunities, and only present property listing contacts that make mining business sense.

A new feature here, in a time of a financial panic, an "act right now!" exception alert:

Placer Gold FindA medical emergency has this claim owner, with 800,000 ounces of proven silver setting on the surface, and a 10 ton stockpile of 50 ounce AG ore ready to smelt, ready to deal.

Call the editor of this web site direct, Roberta Dickerson, at 503-753-5868, or e-mail to learn how a $25,000 credit card option payment could un-bundle a $15 per oz AG 800.000 ounces project with a proven spreadsheet value that would only take $3 Million to turnkey contract mine.

This really is a first come, first placed win opportunity, for speculators. Call 503-753-5868!

placer gold
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