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After years of helping fellow Western prospector / miners with small proven operating placer gold claims; or a developing medium hard-rock projects (too small for the majors, which is an advantage) containing precious metals; and much larger industrial minerals no one pronounces right without a trademark to sell to a retail market as an end product, we are making a slight format change.

The addition of PDF documentation formats beyond our simple database listing (the Information Age, requires information to sell anything) for a longstanding one-time $300 text listing, no-strings, no broker's or hidden finder's fee, addresses our way of trying to protect both the seller / information provider / buyer of an implied TQM implied partnership. from spam harvesting speculators that anonymously fill up "you have mail" boxes, with no shame whatsoever. You know, the modern marketing wonders just being the unnatural ani-mule as I just had fun describing DiversifiedInvestments.net, which also along with my personal TheProspector.com, is part of the supply side side MiningMagazines.com networked web circle.

By locking a virus free "MiningMagazines qualified" E-report, we are keeping "no call" phone numbers out of robo-callers scripted lists. Maybe. For now. Or hopefully from something worse, the outright cut and paste theft of copyright protected material for spoofing and pishing ubiquitous claim names that may match up with assay reports from the past, but not township / range / section numbers, or lat/long pinpointing on a readable map.  "Somewhere West of Wikenburg" seems to be a misdirected "protected data" non-circ ploy today, playing on an old magazine automobile advertising standard, that wasn't FWD equipped.

This is just part of the reason we are slowly switching from a text database presentation of what we feel qualified, valid, mining claims that logically make economic sense, to the more secure, locked Adobe Acrobat PDF that can be downloaded, and printed for a "paper trail" legal record. For in the Information Age, it takes Information to sell, joint venture, horse trade, lease mining properties that otherwise cannot be legally be NASD advertised as a security.

If this almost "not for profit" service is to help connect mineral quality with financial ability is not appreciated, well too bad city slicker reader (want your 2¢ back?) as we remote supply side mountain people know too well that since bull metals markets are on the verge of stampeding there are not really that many projects left that meet our acceptance criteria. What? A sense of what is right, acquired after forty, fifty, sixty years of reputable experience for really being "out standing in our field".

Gold Bar
Silver Bar

And yes the addition of banner advertising is also a part in keeping our "information listing only" long established record since 1998 for understanding the "supply side mining business" better than the money market specialists of "financial side mining business".

In ways, in fairness, the accepted banners are supposed to be "letters to the editors" for those who have truth in advertising valid something to say about our niche topics.

Again, we are not in the securities business as a finder's fee broker, or some other hidden from of kickback. We do not sell stock. Our background information only business is made possible by a $300 database listing fee of valid claims offered for sale for cash on the barrel head, trade, stock for stock A/Ms, joint venture participation, options, or old fashioned miners royalty leases of the underlay claims. The text based listings are still posted HERE>>>

We also have reasonable hourly rates for doing property packaging beyond what the property owner is able to supply us for PDF validation. The unexpected perk for us is portable PDF's is they are much more easier to "plug and play" as a graphic element, without 404 errors, on the cover of our other niche publications, as GoldMining.net. So here we are ladies and gold bugs... presenting the following:

Placer Gold

A great example of field experience with prospects is an Alaska gold camp (great moose hunting and grayling fishing) safely located in wilderness really only reachable by bush plane.

I know the property well, having been a neighbor during the gold run-up of 1978, only to have lost out my share to a gold digger wife that ran off with her mental councilor. Just as well! A truely great match.

As already the 19 page PDF that showcase a standard we like showing off have been downloaded over 100 times, in a few short days, I don't think this will last very long.

I am hoping that Dan and Cindy will allow us to leave it up as an informative example of what a respected property deserves.

Gold dust
Placer Mining Book
sterling pounds

This 500 million ton Oregon Coast project also deserves respect for being a 32-page due diligence homework opportunity of being an "insider" of what may be this decade's "insanely great" start-up, of of a different thinking business model.

A recession proof product that close to shipping, the fun part of this unique mineral project will be having weird Oregon tree huggers demonstrating on your side in battling raging forest fires, and fight back unseasonable climate change cold.

The really simple thing is I just happen to be the single signer mineral claim holder. After one third of Table Mountain is in pragmatic production as FoamKrete, time should be spent developing an already clear listed use for rock wool twice as R-value efficient as pink fiberglass batts.

Gray Gold
Pure golden investment
Honest as silver dollar

Who We Are

The WesternMiner.com database was founded in 2002 by the handshake Ron AndersonBobbyBarry Murray

between prospector partners Ron Anderson (and Alaska bush pilot, village teacher, trapper, dog and horse trainer etc.); "Miz Bobby Magee" a "stump ranch girl" from Washington State, who had a "backyard" mineral prospect which she sold to a 'major', after teaching a 'City Bank' mining lawyer what case law had to say about apex rights traveling underground beyond claim lines; and myself, the "Oregon Kid" AKA TheProspector.com. 

We were a balanced team when  it came to accepting and evaluating prospects for promotion from our bootstrap education, of walking and talking, something not really taught at a university 101 level. That is how to really look for the potential of topographic details, a skill that does not fit a classroom situation that well.

However, as Ron has passed, packing a prospector's pick, over the Great Divide; and Roberta is good humorously "in metal stitches" recovering from a major operation; and myself, as an honorary big bang theory Dr. Sheldon Cooper Asperger's Syndrome Earth person, who is being allowed by 'she-who-must-be-obeyed' to babble on, and on, about formatting revisions for telling the full story of a mineral find.

This actually has been an evolution in progress for me since I worked my way through grade school as an office boy for my mining lawyer father who also owned and operated a geological consulting company for the fun it gave him sending me out as a photographer / packager assistant with some brilliant geologists, where learned how to take an accurate assay, understand the Bruntin compass as a measuring tool, as shown in the banner head photo of this site, and using a transit to a plane table to map.

Because I was already teen with professional freelance magazine credits (accomplished by only having mail contact) I was "elected" to be the editor of a the short lived Western Mining Congress Newsletter. Perhaps that was on account of my Scottish frugal father grubstaking to a multilith offset printing press that allowed setting type by IBM carbon ribbon typewriter directly onto a text only paper printing plate. Pulling halftone photos out of my basement darkroom has become oh so much easier today. The paper, and shipping costs have dropped, drastically from what used to be a $50 overnight delivered portfolio package.

But after 60 plus years of supporting the actual frontier supply side of the Prudent Man Rule 1872 Mining Law development mining, in it's constant struggle against the unfairness of financial favored SEC 1935 approved regulations through my MiningMagizines.com > TheMiningInvestor.com > MiningInvestment.com whining about those who actually have the gold in the banks,  excluded from Reg. D protections, or "widows and orphans" Blue Sky laws, that may cost more in IPO legal / accounting / investment bankers underwriting fees than the money actually needed for an exploratory drill program,

I really had to, when working on my nepheline syenite package, to have a good laugh at myself simply repeating something I have been working on for 60-years. And thanks to new and improved computers and software, finding I still have a ways to go to achieve perfection, presenting perfect projects in an understandable way. That is if we are successful in replacing what is featured today, with equally exciting projects, tomorrow.

In other words, as a wordy professionally qualified journalist, bound by "fact checking" standards I learned as a freelance writer, and photographer, selling to LIFE magazine back when it was on the top of the trusted weekly source of information articles, what I have a hand of a "package" being presented as First Amendment protected reported information, where I personally have through research, or by visiting mining districts in the 60 years I have called myself a prospector.

I also have a clear understanding of presenting the truth our readers can trust. SHMG, which in today's fad for acronyms is So Help Me God, as explain in a long winded yarn about an Idaho Grand Jury involvement in a clients gold and rare earths"fraud" investigation.

Those who need further information on listing a claim, please contact Miz Bobby, who doesn't suffer fools well, at WesternMiner.com@gmail.com, or by calling 503-753-5868.

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