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Who do you believe?... when it comes making a personal retirement funding investment in a U.S. mining project with potential, where 'smart money' leveraged paper pushing pays better (for some) than being a Dopey whistling hi-ho in the dark trying to make a living actually mining today's (physical) silver dollars? Or, in other words, how can American supply side Disney Dwarfs be so in-efficient that it is not economically sexy anymore for the World's second oldest profession to grub about in the muck for gold and silver, to pay the first professional commodity exploiters.

If you recently have happen to have been a U.S. investor duped by some 'new style' Vancouver 'Junior', British Columbia, Nigeria, spam mailings of TSX approved press releases, we are so very sorry. If you somehow want to defend "in free traded Canadian 43-101 tax haven interests" that totally violate the American "prudent man" principles of the U.S. Mining Law of 1872, might I suggest you click over to a securities industry approved leveraged stock offering site, as Merrill Lynch of Canada, et al that was financially smart enough to validate a $30,000 "good faith" option payment into stock sales, a reported by Yahoo Finance to total over $3 Million — before it was totally dumped by London LIBOR/LME controlled management to chase after the latest tulip bulb mania of the moment engineered moment to chase after undocumented "blood diamonds" in Africa.

See, with an not-yet recent in-place exposure of PV silver, as shown in the picture above, that is absolutely needed for American industry to produce a product where even Congress recently decided the solar energy alternative to big oil needed just a little tariff protection from "favored nation" imports.

This American 'capitalistic' small business Western Miner, only interested in actually physically mining an in-hand product, recently was attacked by an un-successful claim jumping funded by a proposed 'communistic' Hong Kong "lettered stock" IPO that wanted to replace non-43-101 American workers in Alaska with Asians that bought into their EB-5 green card scheme.

What is an American investor looking for a long term, CPI adjusted, retirement to make of all these "full disclosure" SEC margin rules violations?

Surely you have heard the axiomatic miner's law that states, "He who owns gold and silver rules?" And, through hints that the coming failure of an investment banking system on both sides — long and short— as forcast in the MF Global catastrophic commodities "free market" world cover-up of a "billion lost here, a billion there." that suggest anyone really interested in owning solid gold, and survival silver, and other hard as rock mineral assets, should go direct to the mountain and ask, "Is their any legal way I can invest in very real and documented mining projects?"

Yes there is! Instead of falling for the Leased Gold and Silver Hedge Fund Tap Dance Follies, might I suggest you call one of the phone numbers listed on what we have feel are true investment opportunities for ordinary citizens. Remember that we have no incentive, no hidden broker fees, beyond that of helping "supply side interested" readers to somehow, legally, connect with mining ventures that supposedly not your ordinary, "Widows, or Orphans" ponzi scheme.


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