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Scroll down for our new PDF downloadable listings!!

After years of helping fellow Western prospector / miners with small proven operating placer gold claims; or a developing medium (but too small for the majors, which is an advantage) precious metals; and much larger industrial minerals no one pronounces right without a trademark to sell to a retail market as an end product, we are making a slight format change.

The addition of PDF documentation beyond our simple database listing (the Information Age, requires information to sell anything) for a onetime $300 no-strings, no broker's or hidden finder's fee, format change, addresses our way of trying to protect the seller / information provider / buyer a TQM implied partnership from spam harvesters that anonymously fill up "you have mail" boxes.

And keeping "no call" phone numbers out of robo-callers scripted lists. Or worse. The outright theft of copyright protected material for spoofing and fishing ubiquitous claim names that match an assay report, but not township/range/section numbers.

We are slowly switching from a database presentation of what we feel qualified, valid, mining claims that logically make economic sense, to the more secure, locked Adobe Acrobat PDF that can be downloaded, and printed for a "paper trail" legal records.

This in part in keep our "information only" long established past, respected since 1998 for understanding the "supply side mining business" better than the money market specialists of the "financial side mining business. And again, protecting a reputation of not being a finder's fee "free listing" broker, from being criminally hacked by an anonymous Doctor Hu. Who really is just a disinformation diversion nickname from trying to follow the money benefit trail back to 'legal' gold and silver claim jumpers.

This also is meant to be a disservice for those, who never seem to read their way through to the bottom line, that are only interested in making a quick buck by pretending to be a knowledgeable mine finder, for an up-front undisclosed fee.

We are changing the giving away of free information by on going past the text based, search engine finable database, to charge a $5 per download for the harder to compile E-book report individuals need to do their own due diligence homework. The same price to read as my annotated how-to placer manual, advertised below. This in part for "party's of the first part" PayPal verification of actually selling the concept of selling product, instead of paper stock certificates folded, spindled, and mutilated to play games of "pump and dump" and flash trading.

The database was founded in 1998 by my handshake prospector partner (and Alaska bush pilot, village teacher, trapper, dog and horse trainer etc.) Ron Anderson; and "Miz Bobby Magee" a "stump ranch girl" from Washington State, who had a "backyard" mineral prospect which she sold to a 'major', after teaching a 'City Bank' mining lawyer what case law had to do with apex rights traveling underground beyond claim lines; and myself, the "Oregon Kid" AKA  We were a balanced team when it came to accepting and evaluating prospect for promotion.

However, as Ron has passed, packing a prospector's pick, over the Great Divide, and Roberta Dickerson is good humorously "in metal stitches" recovering a major operation, myself, as a big bang theory hooray Dr. Sheldon Cooper Asperger's Syndrome Earth person Murray, is being allowed to babble on, and on, as:

Speaking of "financial side mining industry" SEC regulations approved games, vs, "actual supply side US Western miners" who know the Prudent Man Rule of the more important Mining Law of 1872, these property portfolios are presented with a > > >, etc., endorsement for everything other than selling securities direct without going through the IPO qualification process, or getting around mining being excluded from Reg. D protections, or "widows and orphans" Blue Sky laws, that may cost more in legal / accounting /underwritten fees than the money actually needed for an exploratory drill program.

In other words, as a professionally qualified journalist, bound by "fact checking" standards, as I learned as a freelance writer, and photographer, selling to LIFE magazine back when it was on the top of the trusted weekly source of information, what I have a hand in "packaging" is presented as First Amendment protected information, where I personally have through research, or by visiting mining districts in the 60 years I have called myself a prospector packager, have a clear understanding of presenting the truth to our readers.


The property owners listed on an information only vertical format i-pad or slate, are looking for an outright sale (where they do not end up collateralizing themselves); or an tried and true, boilerplate mining lease option; or a joint venture for a specific objective of actually making money by selling a product under free-market rules.

And again, other than the FoamKrete[tm] market plan button shown on the page, do not own any part of listed projects. Nor is our $300+ information listing fee "brokered, daisy-chain leveraged, or hypothecated " in any way.

Our readers have been asking for new listing of Alaska gold claims like these!

Well Bazinga, who wouldn't want to trade a today's soft USDs, for a hyperinflation proof, illegal currency today, that held a U.S. Army private's minimum monthly pay at one ounce, from the Civil War to the Second World War to end all wars?

This is is the "Capitial Advisor's No Risk Dream" of a turn-key operating gold mine!

I know this property very well for having been a neighbor at Ophir, and doing the right neighborly thing, here is a free credit default download to get this new format working.

Hurry as this opportunity will not last very long. Especially as stocks without good P/L statement are falling today, and gold has turned bullish. And this ad that is not an ad, will also be showing up on other

                   To try this virus safe method of downloading a PDF geological report,for free, CLICKHERE

Placer gold

Gold Bullion

Placer Gold
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And Homework On How To Really Build a Long Term Mining Investment Return

The "gray gold" description of this 500 million ton "green mining" resource is not yet a "blue chip" company .... yet!  Perhaps as a MLP for the total underlying asset, supporting additional uses.

What may be of interest is that this $5 information downloads may become part of the $10 per ton buy in of a flow-through FoamKrete LLC marketing program selling the processed miracle affordable CLC concrete admixture product through regional dealerships that do not need franchise protecting, as the mineral is so unique.

 $5 that may be returned for helping to develop a "start-up" company, based upon actual in-place tonnage.

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Phone 503-753-5868 or write: Mac&Murray 1121 Harrison Ave. Suite 333 Centralia, WA 98531

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