At this moment the only other PDF/Certified Mining Investment buy-in by the ton opportunities we can offer on a for sale / lease/ joint venture all are centered around a 150 Million Tons Nepheline Syenite deposit. As an obviously far too large project — multiply a low cost, uniform value, per in-place value of $20 per ton (a generic price for gravel pits, or decimmated gold projects that have to process a lot of tailing waste for minute AU/AG/CU smelting) to come up with a purchase price needed to control of $3,000,000,000.

Far better this Swiss Army Knife of minerals deposit be easily divided into 1/3 rds, of only $1 Bullion, each, being managed by mining royalty percentages of ore ownership to make an honest ROI from the sale of physical product, instead of a hyper inflated stock that might not have an underwritten value when "the economy" heads south to avoid harsh winters; or north to get out of the way of heat domes. Something that the Nepheline Syenite product "Ice to Fire" FoamKrete™ is a smart answer.

So, on the behalf of an ECO-Mining-Milling Limited Cooperative Association, where Lucas Ponce de´Leon, and/or Sharon Ehlmann, besides myself for a short while are Sales Associates with an extended 2.5% wholesale royalty for the development of the following marketing outlets.

Until this presentation/proposal is complete please contact Sharon Ehlmann by phone at 818-214-9800
Until this presentation/proposal is complete please contact Lucas Ponce de´Leon at 360-702-1870.