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Are you old enough to remember Hollywood Class 'B' "Westerns," where the bad guys always turned out, before credits rolled, to be unrestricted BIG BANKSTERS, or BIG MULTINATIONAL operated ranches that violated homesteading rules and regulations?

Or, how about BIG RAIL walking off with whole checkerboard townships for 20 miles on both sides of the track they built through financing by the sale of said land, including BIG TIMBER including BIG MINERAL rights which probably was the largest ROI rip-offs in U.S. History, favoring those in political control of monopolies.

In the short time of democratic opportunity for individual U.S. Citizens, a 150 year old established MINING LAW OF 1872, those of US citizens that also followed the law of the land —the Code of the West— hard at work as Western OIL WILDCATTERS, LUMBERJACKS and GYPPO LOGGING COMPANIES, FREELANCE COWBOYS and HORSE PACKERS, and WONDERING PROSPECTORS, who somehow have been shoved off our home on the range by Code of Federal Laws (of the West) interpretations by DEEP STATE, Multinational OLIGARCHIES.

This battle between FREE BORN American citizens is being railroaded —in spite of the best efforts of organizing state wide Farmers' Granges, and local Miners' Cooperative Unions, and STATES RIGHTS legislation these movements were doomed when fighting the American Bar Association UNION; and a Securities Exchange UNION.

Now that the struggle of BIG is BEST? has turned global to the point of destroying American Independence, through "big lied to" voters misinterpretation of our Constitutionally guaranteed "freedom of religion" as an narrow ecclesiastical authority for the government of some off-point-and purpose Christian political organizations to play GOD! Which some Native US citizens may address the Great Spirit as Creator; or 16 other versions for GOD out of The Bible; including Allah, as written in the Koran, often misspelled as Alah, where as God has no offspring, no race, no gender, no body, and is unaffected by the characteristics of human life.

So, is that all off-the path disbelievers of the written word, believe? Besides suggesting that sustainable human life may not something independent democratic voters care about, as it is "fake news"? So, for the least recognize that governmental extremists are fighting over CONTROL OF NATURAL RESOURCES, by sacrificing hapless children to the Gods of War in the name of their "fake news ideas" of PEACE.

This is why I am presenting in this self-elected MINING DISTRICT court of last resort MINING LAW, a very long and hard to read PDF protected PLAN OF ACTION that by now has been presented the Department of the Interior, BLM, and US Geological Survey, to overturn a local USFS bureaucratic LOCAL RANGER has tried to deny access, through the excuse of "common variety", over a FS forest service road, blocked by a gate controlled by the operating right now, as shown, by Koch Brother's / Georgia Pacific / Weyerhauser Real Estate Investment Trust, headquartered in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Note that this is photo should qualify claim holder Murray under 36 CFR 228, Subpart A, "Operations which in their totality, will not cause a surface disturbance which is substantially different than that caused by other users of the NFS who are not required to obtain FS authorizations"!

This is a legnthy article questing some very bias decisions concerning small business mining.

This August 2021 surface disturbance photo also shows that Georgia Pacific his violated the Nepheline Claim block extralatterial rights, under their School Township Section, while bulldozing down their own trees. That accurate statement, defensible because it is true, actually might show up as fiction in another of my a historical novels.

A WW2 mystry solved by following evidence from Oregon to Alaska to Panama.

The Koch brothers were recently revealed —as Trump's largest financial backer offering to cover the legal costs of the treasonous January 6th mob intent on overthrowing the US Government. Just as it allegedly happened with the Harney County armed invasion in Oregon, which lead to a Oregon State Legislator turning traitor by opening a door to let-in a counter insurgency of John Birch society protesters wanting to bring back McCarthyism

And Koch Industries chose to be a Putin supporter [CBS News]— by refusing to shut down his "common variety" Nepheline Syenite processing plant in Russia to protest the War Crimes happening in the Ukraine where innocent mothers and children were seeking shelter in bombed-out schools, hospitals, and churches.

Ironically, shortly after mentioning Russian oligarchical front line war criminal control tactics, the same breaking CBS Evening News system broadcast, "One company's solution for more affordable housing: 3D-printed homes", without mentioning the role of a "common variety" Alumina-Silicate Natural Pozzilina C-A-S-H formula "paste" flowing through a concrete printing nozzle, without the use of extra sand and gravel fillers, or steel re-bar? Or, that from all experiences globally, that most likely the technology, and possibly Part A + Part B machinery, was a very well done competitive Russian import, mentioned many years ago.

So, if any of my fellow prospectors / claim stakers can make their way through a 39 page White Paper, also found on ; and, then TheProspector would like to have your input. Especially if you have any hard evidence of business-government Hatch Act collusion concerning unfair business practices of a secret monopoly.

Or, click the "Claims Database" to take double advantage right now of investing in Nepheline Syenite, other than as a participant of EC0-Mining-Milling Limited Cooperative Association which itself is still in the start-up position of trying to attract qualified individuals to become working/owner members.

You also may need to understand that with a 65-year authentic work history, I am historically trying to set this web site for prospectors to stand-up-for-your 1872 US Mining Law Rights, which came along, too late, with the Homestead Act, to make it into the Constitution. This is why I have included these links to independent mining publications that have not been distorted by paid for spokesmen lying about the truth:

1) The US Forest Service Inter-Mountain Research Station General Technical Report February 1995, showing Region 6 (PNW) the correct way to handle my disputed USFS PLAN OF ACTION.

2) US Geological Survey Professional Paper 840 setting an assay standard of 58+% Silicate and 18+% Alumina powder which is considered to above the 70% range for a natural pozzolin of Roman Cement.

3) US Forest Service Common Varieties Exception for an Aluino-silicate. The natural pozzolin is twice the strength of a common variety manufactured coal ash scraped from coal fired smokestacks.

4) The Mining Law of 1872. Please note that §21a. National mining and minerals policy; "minerals" defined;..shall be the responsibility of the Secretary of the Interior.

5) And a bookcase full of CFRs at the Cornell School of Law Library that can keep two floors of lawyers out of the picture for a year or two.

6) And for your independent supporting the legality of mining, purchase this all encompassing BLM Placer Claim Manual, with my notations, where all the proceeds with go directly into into the start of a legal defense fund for qualified Mining District Members which also may be listed in our database.

Think of WesternMiner as a legally protected Mining District Clubhouse. There are times we need to take that club in-hand to protect ourself from Political Action Posse Comitatus Acts , from perhaps speaking out against "Prudent Man (and Women)" historical rights. Please —all you wild eye, over zealous constitutional advocates, or militant tree hugger demonstrators —go elsewhere to make your statement.

Understand that far Right (actually wrong) and the ultra Left (hopelessly behind) need an understanding that history has already proven extremest political stances are not drawn on a line. They come together in a circle, to meet as Stalin [L] and Hitler [R] who actually signed a fake new non aggression act. Also note that Communism/Socialism and Capitalist/Monopolists, when measured by personal wealth also meet at the top of their brass ring.

Sorry. I let my Scottish Highland sense of economics and the law— get angry. When I was editor and publisher of Economic Currents Magazine for half a decade, I liked pointing out the long term consequences of population control through unjustified wars. And wonder how it is that the introduced collateral damage to the environment, as gun-smoke mixed with burning oil, is also ignored by truly ignorant people that do not care or understand that when we as an endangered species die out for a lack of breathable air, other than rescue inhalers, so this Planet will only belong to survivable Cockroaches.

To further identify myself as an 83-year-old Asperger's target to some that have already taken a swipe at my competence and ability to function in a frontier forest —in need of a 4 hours at 3,000 degrees "common variety" forest fire protection of a unique Nepheline Syenite, which also stands strong against the resulting flash floods and mudslides— here I am. I have been threatened before with a lazier red dot appearing

Yeah, I am a Oregon tree hugger that in my youth was part of the restoration of the Tillimook Burn. And, as advertised in this banner, this old horse-packer has a few thought to share on maintaining this great land that is your land, and my land.

Pioneering the PCNST from Mexico to Canada.

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