Guess I Should Be Proud To Be In The Company Of The Best of the USA Hacked...

But recently I found out
the why and how I have no other mining properties to offer faithful readers for a legal sale, lease, trade, joint venture, other than my own, which is also under attack right now for having a USFS Plan of Action questioned by a District Ranger for not following the money on a proven 250 Million-ton in-place Eco-underground project. This 80 plus document is a very long read, but flipping through the virus free PDF is actually humorous to those who understand the US Mining Law of 1872; and educational to those that don't.

This is a protest from an endangered US Miner concerning dealing with Blue, or Red, politics that seem the same damm thing
Actually, this paper could stop this investment cold, for the moment, through "tire kicking" by investors whose no-risk standard is to only look at, "Producing gold mines for outright sale for NO MONEY DOWN"!

So, for now, even though there has been no formal decision by return certified mail on the US Forest Service Plan of Action to go ahead on perhaps the "Greenest" Form FS 2008-5 ever filed, the development of as an answer to the effects of Global Warming and the resulting Climate Chain disasters we are experiencing,

I will be going ahead with a Notice of Intent for prospecting, and performing the State of Oregon filing of a required Assessment Work Affidavit on the mining claims subject to Oregon State "lawful mining operation".

Which under the protection of Oregon's 2017 ORS 517.133, concerning a person interfering or actually stops a lawful mining operation, is a Class C Misdemeanor. A Criminal action, which would open up the filing a Civil complaint for a Breech of Contract Action for not following the Mining Law of 1872 "partnership obligation" that also underlays the similar era Homestead Laws.

However, until this little misunderstanding is clear-up, I am not going to open myself up to taking a Wall Street/SEC beating as Elon Musk is encountering for trying to make the USA look smart once again, instead of our poorly educated grandchildren becoming slaves to foreign nanotechnological uses of our abundance of natural resources.

I therefore am suspending the start-up flow-through marketing of > > > on the buy-in basis of $20 per ton purchase; and $20 per ton management and marketing service fee; and the $20 down payment per ton contract to deliver the owner's marketable product, a total of $60 for on ton payable by check or money order mailed to Barry Murray, the single claims owner that just turned 80-years, at POB 678, Waldport, OR 97394.

But wait, there is more! I don't want to be set up as a fraud who cannot deliver because of my enemies cute little tricks and traps. So I am reduced to fund-me panhandling for legal expenses that might be needed to defend going right ahead with a single project area of a traditional disturbance of 5 acres (in this case already grandfathered) or less.

So, let's make this contribution a gift to the cause of defending a prospector, of only $30. A half price discount for a "gift" which when the power play is lifted I promise as an individual of honor and determination ( will prevail in moving my $30 friends forward into doing the $60 "Right Thing," which is making money selling an inflation/deflation proof product, instead of paper!

I need your help in that this website, which is about to celebrate 21 years of online service to Internet investor readers,
which has survived "dirty tricks" as phishing, spoofing, misdirection, denial of e-mail service, and other cyber-war tactics, may be for sale to a "real Western Miner", as I am ready to retire after turning 80-years old, and just want to write more books.

We are recovering the best that can be done while waiting for the appropriate government agency to support the integrity of legitimate Business websites. This at a time where we are also perplexed how dumb phone robocalls calls are allowed on the US owned wireless bandwidth Cellular systems? Again, Congress seems to be against anything that sounds as if could be consumer protection-ism! But, you could try our smart phone with an ability to block calls (finally) at 503-753-5868 if you are interested in the price of more control.

It has been three years since these attacks began as censorship attempt on or parrot WWW publications as for leaking the unknown pathway of our natural wealth being exported to China in support of the development of what we called the "Golden Yuan", which was anything but a yawn when it comes to adding to the destablization of the International trade Dollar. Now that I am guessing that gold will also be involved in the backing of BitCoin values, my thought have turned to my own proposal of an

At first, we thought, through pinging and ponging, that the culprit actually was China. But when our web host stats started showing 500 un-wanted backlinks per month through Russia and the Ukraine to sites that had nothing to do with mining or minerals, or political opinions, we may have become, through no fault of ours, tainted for becoming part of the “false news” conspiracy.

This, of course, makes more sense when it comes to trying to track down the Mr. Annomysus Attacking me, as www.the which has been publishing on the Information Highway before the World Wide Web even came along, as a fraud.

Thank you so much Mr. anonymous as this website,, actually was intended to help other prospectors with solid provable documentation a way to list (advertise) U.S. Mining Law of 1872 mining claims for sale, trade, lease, joint venture or any other legal way to survive in this business that has been so discriminated against by self regulating stockbrokers really only looking for an insider's finders fee position in mining opportunities which could be exploited buy extensive, and expensive, IPO market manipulations.

So following the money has lead to foreign corporations hostility taking over American mining claims in the 19 states Open to mineral entry by a US citizen. These “free trade” or favored nation transfers of accountable natural resources wealth have led to bizarre situations of the TSX, in Canadian interests 43 – 101 discrimination against US professionals working on the US properties. And thanks to mismanagement by the Mining Section, Alaska Department of Natural Resources, State of Alaska, and the Bank and Corporation Commissioners, this producer state seems to been favoring the selling of EB-5 Green Card Visas in Asia to fill the void of "qualified miners" in Alaska.

For US Investors in the wealth of America being free traded away the unseen consequences
is that Canadian Investors an unfair flow-through tax advantage at home, and benefit by not paying enough in taxes, or royalties, to keep schools funded in the sparsely populated counties of Nevada.

This "free trade" abuse is partially the reason why we no longer advertise anything Canadian, no matter how many good friends in the Yukon Territory complain.

Perhaps, the hack-attack was payback for having been a longtime whistleblower on the unfairness of free-trading away American mines impossible to export. Or the detailing of a deceptive "Queen's Bench Bastard" Arbitrator who on a hearing to settle the $500 filing for recovery of contracted assement work $16,800, wanted me to pay for the rental of a court room for three days, and $400 for coffee service!

How soon ten years goes passes by after such a scam
as [CAF]. I almost forgot to warn claim owners that the BC arbitration game is as rigged as their Corporation Commision, for dragging out a default contract claim of not covering the costs of boots on ground assessment work required time-sensitive filing.

An example of how even somebody with 40 years experience in investing in mining companies can be so totally fooled

Why we are changing our format...

WesternMiner used to maintain a $300, no broker points, one-time fee for the easy listing in an open "call the owner" no fuss database
. But that also apparently made enemies of PR professionals, ignoring securities regulations, that did not know a mine from a hole in the ground for our not accepting their fabricated too-good-to-be-true low-cost listings.

We had had a staff of three prospectors with a total accumulated 140 years of field experience with prospects, and the US-registered consulting geologist that somehow did not meet 43-101 hiring certification. We maintained a good reputation for presenting the truth in U.S. small mining opportunities. We did so by realizing that in the Information Age tell selling of unpatented mining property required valid information.

This malware denial of service to you, since we reside on presenting information paid for by advertising, almost made it not worth our time to try and maintain our standard for those almost demanding a free listing. Or, else. Which is why we are not doing very well right now with offering something for the, "I want an operating gold mine, for no money down" crowd.

But we are continuing on, with changes. Someone on the small business supply side of mining needed to show how it should be done to try and protect the copyright theft for re-packaging protected documented reports, claim maps, assays, and due diligence recorded receipts. A really modern way of claim jumping.

As visible, below, we have gone to one long scrolling page displaying PDF "portfolio" buttons, set up for a vertical I-Pad or slate reader screen to eliminate dangerous backdoor HTML archives that lead to 404-errors being reported as "questionable" to search engines.

When it comes to exchanging joint venture suggestions, on multiple linked, operating business plans, as the almost exclusive in the US opportunity of nepheline syenite accessed by clicking the “White Paper” below, which will eventually lead to our complete overhaul.

This Miners Exchange Board will also feature an easy to get into “AltInvesting” idea, “underwritten” by a mineral asset valued at $5 billion. A hint, for now, is the clickable banner, here: reserves at work?

The mineral bundle to learn about is Nepheline Syenite ...

No, not the cyanide that is correctly feared by ecologists. We too are on the "tree hugger" side of conservation. Syenite as a rare addition to nepheline really should be thought of as a bundle of individual chemicals, in varying percentages of readily soluble AL203 Alumina, and Si02 Silica aggregate formula, and the pozzolans that the Romans used with cement to build seawater resistant docks. Just one of the recently re-discovered "Swiss Army" uses beyond being a flux to make a stronger glass, or a smooth marine paint that ironically saves fuel on a supertanker by slipping through the seas spending less bunker oil.

As Russia has the worlds largest supply of Nepheline Syenite, they have been turning their naturally compounded material to 3D print affordable houses. The second largest deposit is in Norway and has been used in Europe to build AAC apartment houses. There was an attempt to patent the natural mixture, which really is best protected on the open market by rariety, location, and a trademark.

China was the pioneer of 3D printing Celluar Light Concrete (CLC ) by following Pakastanis using the alumina in nepheline along with a superior alkaline aggregate replacement of mixing in AAC concrete panel construction. sells a suitable building grade Chinese nepheline for $250 per ton

The US has nepheline syenite where 3Min Arkansas uses a slightly different formula for making tiles, that may be special nanotech advantage that helps make Ellon Musk's low-cost rooftop solar system work. America's long time most respected scientific breakthrough corporation did operate their small New Mexico nepheline syenite quarry that was producing this new building material, but I was just told that the deposit might be near to being depleted.

As the only other source of a pluton pipe sill of rare "rare earths "nepheline syenite in the owns the group of claims that the US Bureau of Mines (closed since by a cost-cutting Congress), the US Geological Survey ("Science for a changing world") ; and the State of Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries (which 50 years ago was trying to attract the manufacturing of insulating rock wool, where we could have competed with the nepheline syenite rock wool insulation product out of China) ; and a private consulting geologist with quarry experience have, without any exploratory drilling, given the depth, and altitude measurements across a square mile a proven uniform reserve of just 500 Million Tons, without drilling, just to be on the conservative side of calculations.

And therein lays the problem of being almost too big for management for any one "financial engine", other than a natural resources Master Limited Partnership. Three separate corporations so far have failed so far to get it up and running to legally back an offshore insurance company; another tried to put London Prime Bank and Suadi petrodollars to get an ROI paid out from a credit card traunch(?); and a Oregon corporation trying to become a hedge fund by the Secretary/Treasure transferring the asset to other start-up Oregon corporations, which eventually landed him in a Federal prison. A destroyed the reputation of what Table Mountain was all about.

This is why I as the single signer, and back in control at 78-years by doing it myself, have been working on a required CFR "Added Value Plan of Action", six weeks for a yes or no, on the already permitted property, by doing a startup entity, to contract mine tonnage, perhaps as a flow-through to a

All of which is explained, here, by clicking on a locked PDF cover buttons following:

Oregon's Nepheline Syenite deposit is suitable for FoamKrete™ ...

As explained by clicking on the Nepheline PDF Business Plan cover, or on Oregon’s “FoamKrete ™” the almost do-it-yourself material has allowed homes built CLC concrete construction to survive climate change forest and brush fires, the resulting flash floods, and mudslides.

And, "no mold, and soundproof" FoamKrete™ also has an advantage over dense concrete that cracks easier during earthquakes.

When used in an affordable additive to cement as an after mixture known as CLC that may be pumped into reusable forms for tilt-up wall construction, the natural non-toxic (not patentable) mineral, when activated expands one bag of cement four to five times the volume of concrete

Thanks to the hydrogen bubbles with an extreme R-value also is considered a very green, very clean air mined product by environmentalists

Click on cover to read or download.

The Table Mountain mining claims, ORMC 151343 to 151374, are not patented. That part of the Mining Law of 1872, thankfully, was put on a moratorium to prevent America being sold away to foreign nationals. But that also it means that they are not real estate, but according to the Supreme Court, "real property" in that since the US Forest controls the surface rights, covering the mineral rights, the "value" cannot be covered by title insurance.

It takes a realistic "prudent man" approach, supported by verifiable documentation to file a mining plan with the USFS that makes sense. My approach is to answer any questions, three times over, which this PDF is still a work-in-progress.

Know that this really is investor protection as too many "pump and dump" juniors rely on having the BLM, or USFS turning down plans that call for proposing, in neat little charts and worthless spreadsheets massive amounts of expensive machinery, used to raise investor money (not returned) when the loss can be blamed on the failure of the government.

Click on cover to read or download.

An Explaination why "TheProspector" only has a few valid prospect to our offer readers right now. Those who trusted our reputation for picking winners of what was only a valid one-time "placement fee" for exposure by publishing due diligence documentation information on a prospect that otherwise could not legally advertise stock shares for sale.

Click the cover of this 19 page PDF containing maps and reports read on-screen, or download for a paper trail record. I know this property well for having been a neighbor in the run-up of gold in the 1980's, before the invasion of Alaska by the the Green Card People from Asia that Dan and Cindy also had to deal with "gag order" problems.

Please note I am not color, race, or religious prejudiced about legally immigrated Americans. What I just can't tolerate is claim jumping attempts by foreign funding escaping the spirit of the Mining Law of 1872 requiring American Citizenship.

A further explination concerning the powers of the Barbarian Invaders of the Free Internet. The cover JPG button of the old version of this site, as it also has something to do with was apparently infected by hiding PhotoShop Info, usually reservd for copyright notices, with a string of code characters I don't have time to deal with.

So click here on "nothing "to be taken to the secure PDF.

Due to our world wide web information only articles being anonymously hacked out of everywhere by copyright challenged plagiarists trying to impress a corporate boss by building a phishing and spoof site.

By control freaks who somehow seem to take exception to our First Amendment protected views in support of a truly Laissez Faire Capitalism in a Free Enterprise economy, we have turned back to the creative disciplines of writing a book, which requires more thinking than dashing off a cut-and-paste self serving SEC condoned press releases, or modified 'red herring' tombstone style advertisements.

And yes, as a financial industry publisher not accredited by being a certified financial ADV 'guru' advisor, nor by Canada's Bogus 43-101 "interests" we are always looking for bona fide honest "Alt-Information" only articles and industry editorials that will be available in such publications as our,,,, etc., which can be e-mailed by clicking on the gold:

Alt mineral site for information on real mineral investment opportunities.
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